Beard Pride

Beard Pride

  • By - Baldip Dhillon
  • 06 December, 2020

My name is Bobby Dhillon, and I'm the founder of The Woodsman Beard. This brand was launched during COVID-19, but it took months in figuring out the best approach. 

'Bearding' is a passion of mine, and during my journey of defining my beard, an obsession occurred. Throughout the process, I began to experiment with so many different beard products, and I currently own over twenty-five beard oils...I know, it sounds nuts. I have tremendous respect for various companies, but I felt something was missing in the market place. Many beard products are effective, but some commonalities I found were short term conditioning and scents that were way too similar among many companies. I needed a different product, one that stands out. 

A beard product should not just be a product, it should also be an identity. The concept of 'woodsman' comes with great pride since it truly represents the essence of a bearded individual. The identity is a combination of being a hardworking yet diverse individual while always maintaining the standard as a gentleman. 

By November 2020, we finally figured it out! Our products contain the woodsman essence with the strength to condition and structure the coarsest beard while including a smooth and pleasant aroma which is well suited for a gentleman. 

Join us on this journey of beard amplification as we combine strength with softness. That's the woodsman life!

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