My 'Bearding Journey'

My 'Bearding Journey'

  • By - Baldip Dhillon
  • 25 January, 2021

If you have a beard, it is very essential to have the right products! It’s a fact when they say, a great beard comes with great responsibility so it’s important to sustain that responsibility.

Before bearding


I started developing my beard in June 2019, and I can’t see myself shaving anytime soon. Throughout this ‘bearding’ journey I began to experiment with different types of beard oils and balms. Yes, it was a learning curve, but it took me a while to separate good products from the ‘not so good’.

It was very important to have the ideal products on the market, something that will give your beard the conditioning and structure that it needs. For example, I went through many trial and error runs and realized that the ideal oil should not just condition your beard, but also promote healthy hair growth. Furthermore, your beard needs to look healthy so the ingredients should act as a healing agent for damaged hair (trust me when I say that). 


When I first started using beard oils and balms, conditioning is one thing, but I also wanted to make sure the scent wasn’t too pungent. Many products on the market are great but leave a very pungent smell which is hard to get used to. I prefer strong conditioning with a cool and pleasant scent, that’s what the Woodsman Classic will deliver. 

I must say, if I didn’t have the right oils and balms, who knows, I might've resorted back to the ‘stubble’ look. I’m glad I made the right choice by growing it long!

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